Friday, July 29, 2011

It has been two months and two weeks since my last post...

But I promise there is a good reason (series of reasons?) for that. [NOTE: This is not about's an explanation.  Baseball posts return later today.]

Not long after writing my last post, I began a gauntlet of events that distracted me from not only the blog but baseball in general and much of my typical, everyday life. Memorial Day Weekend, I headed south for my bachelor party in New Orleans. Not long after that, I was heavily invested in my final finals of business school, then graduation in early June. Once graduation was complete, I spent two weeks packing up everything I own - about 3/4ths of it to go into storage, the rest to come with me.

About a month ago, towards the end of June, my then-fiancee and I got into our car and drove to Colorado Springs, spent about a week preparing and then got married in front of 125 friends and family at a gorgeous hotel in Manitou Springs, near the base of Pikes Peak. Then my now-wife and I boarded a plane for our honeymoon - four days in Paris, seven in Mauritius (and island off the coast of Madagascar - itself an island off the coast of Africa) in the Indian Ocean.

After the whirlwind of the wedding and the complete calm and quiet of the honeymoon, we flew back to Colorado, hopped in another car (a rental this time) and drove to Seattle - completing a six week period in which I graduated business school, got married, went on a honeymoon and moved across the country. Now I am in the middle of a three week period of getting unpacked and settled before starting a new job.

So...all of that is why posts suddenly dried up, not because I abandoned my blog. Expect an update on both of my Ottoneu teams later today. Should be interesting - one is in full-fledged sales mode, the other is looking to buy (and just made a purchase today!) for the stretch run.


  1. I assumed you were too distraut from trading Asdrubal Cabrera and decided to give up fantasy baseball forever.

    Congrats, and welcome back.

  2. From one newlywed to another, congratulations! Seattle is terrific, hope you and your wife enjoy it there.

    Looking forward to hearing more about your otto teams!