Friday, April 1, 2011

Post Auction Thoughts

First, I want to apologize for the lack of posts leading up to the auction. I am in Ohio for a few days dealing with a family emergency. It will lead to a few more days of light posting (maybe no posting), but I wanted to drop a quick note about the auction before returning to my family.

Let me start by thanking all the writers and the one professor who are participating in he league. The auction took us about 8.5 hours last night and didn't end until about 2:30 a.m. ET. Made me wish I was home in Chicago (or at my future home in Seattle), but everyone was upbeat and involved the whole time and it made for a great event. Also a shout out to the Tufts students who were following their professor in the draft - really wish I had the opporunity to watch a fantasy auction for college credit.

That said...I do not like me team. My big bat was the appendicitis-inflicted Matt Holliday, and my IF is Carlos Pena, Freddy Sanchez, Asdrubal Cabrera, and Pablo Sandoval. Not exactly an awe-inspiring offense. My rotation is a bit better - Halladay, Weaver, Marcum, Hellickson.

But my real excitement is about the future. I have Jesus Monetero and J.P. Arencibia at catcher (along with McCann), Hosmer at first, Utley at $10, Moustakas, some of the young guys mentioned above. If those guys don't contribute early enough to strengthen my 2011 season, I can move Halladay and Holliday for some more young pieces (Eno, I'm coming for Trout; will need some OF youth as well), and 2012 could start to look awfully good.

I hope to have more detailed analysis soon, and I will post my full roster later, too, but hopefully this will tide you over for a bit.

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  1. The Montero price was a little disappointing to me. It was my theory that this league would really price up the prospects and and trendy young guys. Not only is it a dynasty league, but it's a saber-friendly crowd, and it's been my experience that those of that bent will pay the extra dollar or three for you. Finally, all the projection "systems" tend to push up guys like Montero. So my goal was to nominate a handful of those guys (Montero, Harper, Belt - Trout was also on my list, but I didn't get a chance to tab him) and chase some money off the table, while spending less on "win-now" options.

    That only sort of worked - Montero's price was too reasonable, for example. Mike Stanton, on the other hand, was fully priced.

    Fun draft - thanks for helping run things.